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The Best Vectorworks Training

Are you looking for the best Vectorworks Training? If so, you have come to the right place. We have been teaching Vectorworks for over 20. We have been designing and presenting Vectorworks courses for over 17 years. These course have been updated with every version of Vectorworks, they have been made in into self-paced manuals sold by Vectorworks Inc, they have been presented face-to-face in clasrooms, and now these courses are avialable online.

1000's of users have learned Vectorworks using this training, and you can too. These courses are designed to teach you the most important aspects of Vectorworks, while allowing you to work at your own pace.

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What real people said about Archoncad.

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"One of the training manuals we have at the office is Jonathan Pickup’s Vectorworks Essentials. Jonathan’s book is clear, methodical, systematic and thorough. He’s pioneered mixing text, video and training files to produce manuals that are easy to follow, with deceptively simple exercises that elegantly capture the skills everyone needs to use Vectorworks to its fullest. You might think you're buying a book, but you're really getting a whole training curriculum."
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"Jonathan's teaching methods, as typified in his Essentials Tutorial Manual, are superb. His manner of explaining techniques, tasks and tools is wonderfully clear, concise and well illustrated. Following the lessons in the manual guided me to build up my Vectorworks skills with ease. This manual is perhaps the single best resource available for developing a solid foundation with the application."
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"His approach to teaching the skill makes the complex seem simple."


"I have been a Vectorworks user for the past ten years.  I've developed a pretty reliable set of hatches and symbols and have always enjoyed its object-based logic and its native feel on a Mac.  That said, I've never taken advantage of the BIM or 3D aspects of the program.  It always seemed unnecessarily complicated and not worth the time to learn.  Well, the time to learn has arrived, but the complicated interface never became more intuitive.  I search the Vectorworks manual and website, user forums, and everything else that was FREE.  All were disappointing.  The information never seemed complete or it was too convoluted.  It seemed that time was running out to learn BIM, so I bought a subscription to Jonathan Pickup's Archoncad.  It was cheaper than classroom training and even the books available on  I figured that if the subscription didn't prove effective, I would have spent the least amount of money.  NOT SO!  I found the website immediately useful.  The videos are great as well as the manuals.  I highly recommend Archoncad to Vectorworks users."


"I think the online subscription group works very well for a lot of Vectorworks users at all levels of experience and expertise, but especially in my case where I’m switching from hand drafting and had very little real-world CAD experience. Thanks for all your help, I’m finally feeling confident enough to use Vectorworks in most of my design work, and my clients have appreciated the results."


"I have been able to change my business model to one who can provide modeling, rendering, presentations, and construction document production to otherarchitects. I am enjoying my work more than I ever have, business is picking up, I am making more money, and most importantly I am providing a much betterproduct to the people I am serving. Thank you Jonathan!"

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