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Let me help make teaching Vectorworks easier!

I have been teaching Vectorworks for many years now. Several years ago I started to help high school teachers to teach Vectorworks to their students. My original aim was to provide a series of resources that the teachers could use prior to entering the classroom. The feedback from the teachers was that they would not use the resources prior to entering the classroom, they would use the resources in the classroom to actually teach the students.

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Several years ago I started creating an education resources kit, discussing this with teachers as it progressed. I have been hearing from teachers that it’s time this Education Resources kit was made available to more teachers.

I have gathered together a lot of resources that can be used to teach Vectorworks effectively;

  • exercise files
  • course notes with links to movies
  • movies with links to course notes
  • library files
  • workspaces
  • utility files
  • access to all the other movies and notes in the learn.archoncad website.

In order to make sure that you are able to use the resources there will also be regular monthly meetings (special interest groups) specifically for teachers and trainers.

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Course Notes

  1. Introduction to Vectorworks (getting started)
  2. Modeling and drawing (a simple exercise to show the connection between a model and the drawing)
  3. Introduction to Lighting and Rendering
  4. Tools and Commands in detail
  5. Creating a 2-D drawing
  6. Introduction to 3-D modeling
  7. Organizing drawings
  8. More 3-D Modelling
  9. Setting up building projects.

As well as these notes, you will be able to access all the other manuals on this website.

The subscription enables you to download the course notes from this website, to print the notes and distribute them to your students only. You are not authorised to distribute the course notes, movies, library files, or any other files you download from this website to other people.

Some of the resources are already online, the remaining resourses will be uploaded as they become available. I would like the attendees to the Special Interest group to help guide the creation of these Education Resources.

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